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Jessica Tremaine b Cornwall.

Lives and works in London.

Tremaine’s work reflects her environments growing up in Cornwall and the industrial-clad route to her studio in Woolwich, along the Thames path. Aesthetically the work appears heavy and tough with marks of the maker, nothing that could have been mass-produced. She creates in opposition to the perception that making with clay is whimsical, with an inherent consideration of what contemporary Celtic art could look like, juxtaposed with decorations that highlight our industrial reality.

Upcoming events:

Cawley Pop-up

Deptford, London

11th-13th November

Art Hub Christmas Market

Deptford, London

Saturday 3rd December 11am - 5pm

Current exhibitions:

Jardiniere at Bleak House florists

Brockley, London

Recent exhibitions:

Loam Lounge at Well Projects

Margate, U.K 2022

Into the Fire at Grove Collective

London, U.K 2022

Companion Planting at Arcade Campfa - Cardiff, U.K 2021

ROOTS at Art Hub Gallery - London, U.K 2021

Collaborative piece via Tremaine's initiative Grubber

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