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Loam Lounge at Well Projects

Margate, U.K 2022


Acting Lamp Base, 2022, Glazed Stoneware Ceramic


Adapted Chair, 2022,
Glazed Stoneware Ceramic, Spray paint, Leather, Wood, Metal nail, Wool/cotton felt.

Well Projects is excited to present Loam Lounge, an exhibition of new works by Alex Aitken, Alice Davies, Celeste McEvoy and Jessica Tremaine.

Loam Lounge takes place against a muted backdrop of olive green, a disparate collection of familiar furniture casting the impression of a confused 1970s Ikea showroom. Items of furniture become totemic supports for experimental ceramic works that draw on the history of ceramic’s utility and materiality.

Within the content of this domestic space, the artists presenting in Loam lounge explore the cultural significance of ceramic and the interplay between functionality and the art object - what are these shiny things and what purpose do they serve?

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